WFH/Hybrid Work best practice exchanges

Get six months worth of benchmarking done in 90 minutes

Monthly Meetings 10a–1130a CT

WFH Best Practice Exchanges - get six months of benchmarking done in 90 minutes.

Work From Home/Hybrid Work Best Practice Exchanges 

For many enterprise functions and densely populated contact centers, WFH and hybrid work are here to stay, on a significant scale.

These 90-minute sessions are designed for organizational leaders who are running larger WFH operations than they had initially planned for and/or adopting hybrid work as a workplace strategy. 

Sessions are built for those who have a keen interest in fully leveraging all (or most) of the benefits that WFH/hybrid work have to offer and want clear visibility of what others are doing.  Heavy best practice exchanges amongst attendees is the core meeting platform.  In fact, every session is different, with content customized based on topics that attendees submit when they register. 

Attendees drive the live exchanges, the queries, and the innovation.  In addition, Michele Rowan shares extremely current Industry best practices on virtual hiring, engagement/team building, front line leader skills, virtual learning, cultural connectivity, security/equipment and services provisioning. 

Send people monthly to these sessions.  The participating companies, leaders and takeaways are always different, and always high value.

Michele Rowan, industry leader in WFH/hybrid work and former VP of Performance Management for Hilton Worldwide leads and facilitates the session.

Fee: $195 (per attendee)

Virtual Meeting General Topics:

  • Hiring digitally and directly to home, updating work from home policies
  • Establishing and maintaining cultural and emotional connections from time of hire through full employee life cycle
  • Equipment & services provisioning, security & downtime
  • Critical skills for front line leaders, and helping them get there
  • Team building activities that work
  • Virtual learning – simplified


  • Zoom meeting
  • Multiple polls
  • Extensive live best practice sharing
  • Live Q & A

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