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The Work from Home Alliance is the place where contact center and enterprise leaders come together to exchange, plan and continuously improve the experience of working from home for front line employees, support staff and managers.

Permission to Poach Great Ideas

The pandemic is propelling ideas about the future of how work gets done.  We (now) know that work locations, guidelines and policies, meeting formats, and perhaps even organizational structures can and will look - well, different.

 How fluid will your work environment become?  Is there a sweet spot?  What do you need to work on?  What are others doing?

Sharing is key, timing is now. 

WFHA Forum

The WFHA Forum is going 24/7.  The discussion board where you can quickly post your WFH queries and get super fast, meaningful responses from colleagues with high value insights.  It's FREE to join for end-user companies.

No consultants or vendors please.


Live Monthly WFHA Exchanges

Register for the monthly WFHA exchanges on a host of topics like WFH architecture, performance management, virtual sourcing and hiring, virtual learning, engagement & team building.  Michele Rowan shares best practices from her 1000+ client base, guest speakers frequently join with their first hand experiences, and attendees hold heavy dialogue throughout.


WFHA Toolkits

Download WFHA e-books and the Remote Working Benchmarking Survey. Customize your strategy session with a WFHA SME.  Sign up for the blog.   Tons of resources to help you confidently take the next step in your WFH Journey.


Michele Rowan


Michele has worked  in the WFH arena exclusively for the past decade. She has collaborated with 150+ companies in the design, expansion and continuous improvement of their WFH programs.  Industry experience includes financial services, health care, travel, insurance, retail, government, telecom /tech support, BPO, and non-for-profit sectors.  In addition to custom consulting, Michele also holds public workshops and group sessions for meaningful exchanges on WFH best practices.

Previously Michele held the role of VP of Performance Management for Hilton Reservation Worldwide, where she led the design and implementation of both their US and European WFH programs.

Advisory Board


William Emmerson

VP Human Capital Strategy
PNC Bank


Richard Lau

Senior Director IT and Strategy


Cindy Zhitovovsky

Vice President Customer Care
Alliance Data


Jonathon Bunch

Assistant VP of Operations
Prime Therapeutics


Shannon Clark

Remote Workforce Program Manager

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