Organizations are achieving stellar returns from work from home programs.

It solves for applicant flow challenges, peak and seasonal staffing, and disaster recovery. It delivers off-the-charts employee satisfaction and retention, attendance and productivity. It saves everybody money.

Riveting ROI

Innovators that fully leverage the Work From Home model experience game-changing results. Start with scope of talent. Follow it with sky-high employee satisfaction. Things that just weren’t possible in the office environment are suddenly delivering incremental returns (i.e. on demand staffing, split shifts and micro-schedules).

Work from Home Alliance – WFH ROI – Staffing Efficiency Gains
Work from Home Alliance – WFH ROI – Talent Pool
Work from Home Alliance – WFH ROI – Turnover Decrease
Work from Home Alliance – WFH ROI – Productivity Increase
Work from Home Alliance – WFH ROI – Employee Satisfaction Gains
Work from Home Alliance – WFH ROI – Attendance

Work From Home Toolkits

40-Point WFH Benchmarking Survey

60 companies participated in the 2020 Remote Working Benchmarking Survey, which has 40 high-impact questions/results about design, structure and results of many Fortune 1000 WFH programs.  Best practices in strategy, equipment/services provisioning/security, virtual performance management, engagement/collaboration platforms, virtual hiring and training. Dominant industries who participated include financial services, health care, insurance, retail, travel/hospitality, media, utilities.

Format: Downloadable PDF

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WFH: Managing Virtual Teams e-Guide

Front line leaders will make or break your company’s WFH program. Employees shape 90% of their job connection from their supervisor relationships.

  • Critical competencies for front line leaders
  • Assessing effectiveness of front line leaders
  • Best practices and technologies for supporting virtual teams
  • Virtual KPI reviews, coaching and accountability
  • Engagement and team building in WFH environment

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WFH: Virtual Sourcing and Hiring e-Guide

Fully virtual sourcing, recruiting, interviewing, hiring and on-boarding can deliver tremendous efficiencies.  It can also be extremely burdensome with the (expected) huge increase in applicant flow.

  • Sample workflow/journey map for fully virtual sourcing through on-boarding
  • Best practices and technologies for virtual sourcing and hiring
  • Managing 200-400% increases in applicant flow
  • Using self-assessments for applicant opt-out
  • Sample interview guide
  • Critical competencies for remote workers
  • Virtual on-boarding, digital signatures, I-9 completion

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WFH 2.0 Custom Live Team Meeting - JumpStart your Long Term Program!

Jumpstart your long-term WFH program with a custom team meeting focused on your critical issues.  Facilitated by Michele Rowan and  Includes:

  • Pre-meeting scope call
  • Pre-meeting stakeholder input questionnaire
  • Pre-meeting participant survey
  • Live best practice sharing by Michele Rowan
  • Deep dive discussions into your key target areas
  • Dynamic, lively exchanges and custom key takeaways  

Format: Live Zoom Meeting, duration 2-4 hours

$1495-$3000 (based on duration)

Please email us to discuss your custom team meeting. 



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