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The Systematic Approach to Staying Current on What Others are Doing with Remote/Hybrid Work.

Work From Home and Remote Work Live Monthly Exchanges.  You Should Be There.


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WFH Alliance Membership Gives You Live Monthly Access to What Other Leaders are Doing in Remote and Hybrid Work.  One Corporate Annual Membership and Fee.  Send as many people as you want to meetings.

One Corporate Annual Membership Fee: $1995 for unlimited attendees

Organizations are rethinking WFH, Hybrid and Remote Work for the long haul. There's new ways to convey and extend our cultural values,  foster emotional and social connection from day one, facilitate robust and engaging virtual dialogues, create a fun environment, and hold people accountable.

Understanding what others are doing is becoming super important.  Membership in WFH Alliance connects your leaders at a number of different levels in live, virtual monthly and quarterly sessions to share strategic insights and benchmark operational practices. 

Three Key Membership Components for Corporate/Enterprise Organizations:

#1  Quarterly Senior Leader Roundtable Discussions.  90 minutes of high-level remote and hybrid work topics that are submitted by participants.  Examples are health and safety, office space redesign, cultural and social engagement points, managing mixed teams, collaborative mixed meetings, virtualizing everything from ethos to water cooler conversations and flexible work plans.  Meetings are  intended for mid level+ management.

#2 Monthly Operational Best Practice Exchanges.  90 minutes, for front line leaders who directly manage teams and business units (knowledge workers and transactional workers).  Monthly meeting topics include things like battling the war on staffing and hiring, virtual learning, virtual performance support, managing behavioral issues, and driving engagement. Meetings are the first Thursday of each month and are designed for operational leaders.

#3 Two 25-point Benchmarking Surveys per year.  Twice per year members will furnish input for and participate in the 25-point benchmarking survey to get rich data behind real world design, deployment, impact and results of remote and hybrid programs.

Membership is Simple.  It's One Corporate Annual Fee of $1995.  Send as Many Leaders as you Want to 16+ Meetings/Year.

One fee for your whole company.  Bring as many members as you want.  Attend as many live virtual sessions as you want.

Membership is 100% Private. 

Your email address or list of members will never be shared.  Members are visible to each other in the forum and in live monthly meetings.  If you want to connect with someone individually, you can use our private group in LinkedIn to make that request.  If you prefer to simply attend sessions and monitor exchanges in the forum, you can do that as well.  If you want custom meetings set up with certain segments or groups, we'll arrange it.

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