Work from Home Alliance principals and advisors are corporate leaders of Fortune 1000 companies with extensive experience in WFH and Remote Working. 

The best Subject Matter Expert and consulting experience you can get.

Remote Strategy

  • Board Meeting and Executive Insights
    High-level insights on strategic alternatives, value propositions, expected returns, risks and contingencies, industry utilization. 

  • Subject Matter Expertise
    Heavily experienced leader to guide your team in setting vision, objectives and key strategies for work at home.
  • Executive Search
    Conduct confidential searches for leadership roles within the remote working scope (contact center, virtual training, virtual performance management, human resources, technology).
  • Cost Benefit Analysis
    Financial modeling on impact, investments and returns on alternative models.

Remote & Hybrid Expansions

  • Remote Transitions
    Plan your near term and longer term transitions for WFH using evidence and use cases from experienced US organizations, and expertise from the WFH leader, Michele Rowan.
  • Gap analysis for Your New Steady State
    Assessment on readiness to expand the remote working model (current state and future vision). Strengths, gaps and recommendations to close them.
  • Confidential or public benchmarking
    Collect input from relevant sources to clarify what others within and outside of your competitive set are doing, or planning.

Remote Education and Training

  • Custom Virtual Team Meetings and Workshops
    Targeted sessions focused on your key challenges, including benchmarking data and industry best practices.
  • Front Line Leader Training
    Focused on virtual performance management, critical competencies for supervisors
  • Human Resources Training
    Marketing, sourcing and hiring the best at home and best for remote working.
  • Flexible Scheduling
    Directed at contact centers and support staff.

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