WFH/Hybrid Workshops 

Dallas - December 7-8, 2021


In-person, small group WFH/Hybrid Workshops.

Deep-dive discussions and exchanges on getting work from home and hybrid work right.

In-person WFH/Hybrid Workshops

Dallas, TX December 7-8 (only 25 seats)

The pandemic has shifted the way that organizations get work done, how companies source, hire and train, preferences of employees and how we effectively communicate, connect with, and support our leaders and team members.

This two day in-person workshop is designed for business leaders who are re-engineering their environments and want to meet and connect with others to propel the pace of innovation.  The format is heavy discussions and exchanges, scope and depth of talks driven by attendees.

You will walk away armed with dozens of new ideas, data, facts and resources to take your workplace transition to the next level.

On the agenda:

  • Repurposing office space, real estate reductions, and hub office utilization
  • Key technology investments that companies are making for best digital connection with customers and co-workers
  • Hiring directly to home vs. in office - considerations
  • Conveying culture, driving engagement and emotional connection, socializing platforms for hybrid and remote teams
  • Sourcing, hiring, assessing and on-boarding for WFH/hybrid
  • Refreshing workflows, business process, policy guidelines
  • Skills for managing mixed teams and remote teams
  • Coaching and QA in a hybrid and full virtual environment
  • Team building, recognition, gamification and water cooler talk in a remote environment 
  • Flexible scheduling, split shifts, micro-shifts and seasonal staffing alternatives

Registration fee:  $1495 per person, 25% discount for 4 or more

*Proof of COVID-19 vaccination is required to join this meeting; social distancing layout





Michele Rowan

President of WFH Alliance


Cindy Zhivotovsky

VP Customer Care
Alliance Data

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